Imperia Pasta Machine

Updated: Feb 5, 2021

Yesterday I saw a post on Facebook, a lady was selling a brand new Imperial Pasta Machine on behalf of a local Animal Sanctuary.

I did have a pasta machine before but it was many years ago, it was a cheap model and it broke after a couple of uses! Whenever I make a pasta dish I always feel slightly guilty that I have not made the pasta myself, so obviously I was tempted.

I made an offer to the lady and later that day I was the proud owner of this Imperia SP150 double cutter pasta machine!

It's built in roller has 6 thickness settings and it comes with a double cutter for making tagliatelle and spaghetti, a clamp to keep it steady on your work top and a 'flap' for feeding the pasta into the machine.

Obviously as soon as I got home I inspected the machine and got to work making a batch of Pasta dough. Click here for the recipe

Once my dough had rested in the fridge for an hour or so I got to work rolling and cutting the Pasta on my new device.

I clamped it to the dining room table, it is a good idea to put a cloth or piece of rubber between the clamp and the table, top and bottom to prevent scratches to your table. It is a good idea to give your machine a quick clean with a brush before using it. BEB Tip Never use water to clean the machine. I also took a small piece of pasta dough and ran it through the roller and cutter several time to clean it further. This small piece of pasta was then discarded.

If you attach the heavy cutter to the machine make sure you have it on the right 'end' of the machine, it will fit on the front or back.

When it is fitted correctly like this it is much more stable, I had it on the wrong end at first and it was very wobbly and kept detaching itself from the table.

You will know instantly if you have it on the wrong end as the machine will topple over if it is not clamped to the table.

I then began to roll my pasta, the machine has 6 thickness settings which you adjust using the dial on the side.

You need to start on the highest setting, 6, pass your pasta through the machine by turning the handle, and change the settings in turn to make the dough as thin as you require.

I went down to setting number 3 but in hindsight I should have gone all the way to number 1 as the pasta was still a little thick when cooked.

I then ran it through the Tagliatelle cutter and after struggling a little to feed it in, once it caught it cut the pasta beautifully.

Here is the finished rolled and cut Tagliatelle just before cooking. It was very tasty, there is nothing like fresh pasta, even if you buy it from the shops it is so much better than the dried variety.

Overall I am extremely pleased with my machine after a few early errors in setting it up.

I think next time I make some pasta I will do a bigger batch, roll it slightly thinner and freeze some.

I also plan to make some ravioli soon so keep an eye out for that.